Snapchat’s New Feature Goes Against its “Disappearing” Snaps Rule

This is an unexpected move by Snapchat



Snapchat is a hugely popular app nowadays and one of the coolest things about it is how your photos and videos disappear after 24 hours. Well, it seems they are changing all that according to a report by Bloomberg.

According to the publication, the company will introduce a Memories section in the app where your snaps will be saved and can be searched for if you want. In addition, you can go ahead to re-edit these snaps by adding extra graphics (like stickers, texts and all) or share them through your private chats. There will also be the ability to save these snaps in a password protected folder for those snaps that you don’t want everyone to see which is quite an interesting move by Snapchat. The company has also borrowed what Facebook has been doing for a while now with their “On This Day” feature where you will be automatically shown your saved snaps that were sent a year earlier

This major move by Snapchat can be seen as a shift in engaging the millions of daily active users which was reported to be bigger than Twitter’s count. User engagement is everything for a social network that is scaling up and by allowing people to save snaps and re-edit them will drive up the activity graph of Snapchat higher which is good for the social network.

Snapchat has not been afraid to change its core experience. They changed how we viewed snaps where you needed to make a continued hold gesture to watch all snap stories to a less tiring simple tap that plays all snap stories. We are now waiting to see what core functionality the company will change next since this has become sort of a trend.


  1. […] This is excellent for people who want to add the celebrities they found within a Live Story to their Stories page so that they can see more of their Snaps. We can only hope that Snapchat rolls that out to all users so that it allows you to add people who you think they are interesting to your feed. This also comes at a time when Snapchat announced Memories which is a way for you to re-live your snaps. […]

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