Snapchat is Testing a Way to Add Celebrities to Your List from Live Stories



Adding friends or celebrities to your Stories page on Snapchat has always been easy. You either had to obtain their Snapchat username or add them from your contacts or add them from your location and my favourite: scanning their Snapcodes. However, the company is testing another way of adding celebrities on your Stories page and it is quite cool

According to Mashable, they discovered that the company was testing a feature where you could follow a celebrity account right from Live Stories.

The process is rather simple. In this case where they were adding Jimmy Fallon from the famous variety show The Tonight Show, you only need to head up to your Live Stories, tap their user name on the upper left hand corner and you will see a popup to add the celebrity. They were able to do this within the Pokémania Live Story that was featured yesterday within the Stories page. In addition,a spokesperson from the company confirmed to the publication that “only verified accounts will have the add friend shortcut button.”

This is excellent for people who want to add the celebrities they found within a Live Story to their Stories page so that they can see more of their Snaps. We can only hope that Snapchat rolls that out to all users so that it allows you to add people who you think they are interesting to your feed. This also comes at a time when Snapchat announced Memories which is a way for you to re-live your snaps.




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