Twitter Stickers Have Gone Live For All

Stickers is the latest push by the company to make you use Twitter more.




Stickers are one of the photo editing tools social networking sites are adding  due to the fact they are fun to use and increase engagement on their platform. Facebook has them on their official app and also on Messenger and Snapchat has them in form of cool millenial centric ones and the ones provided by their Bitmoji acquisition.

Not to be outdone, Twitter announced a month ago that they will start offering stickers within their apps which will appear as part of their photo editing tools. It has been a month too long and now the company has effected the change live for all.

Twitter Stickers

Adding these stickers to your photos is pretty easy. You only need to import a photo from the Twitter app and click on the smiley icon write next to the editing brush button. This will let you open the stickers panel that are arranged like emojis in several categories. Unlike the other categories, the first category is quite interesting where you see these stickers imported from the other categories further categorized into #sticktogether, Food fight, Extreme weather and the likes. You can now go ahead and drag a sticker to the photo and share it to your followers.

One of the coolest things about the stickers is that when you tap on them, it opens a new timeline which shows how people are using the specific stickers. The question that now lingers is that if this change will lead to more people using Twitter and the data of its use will be of interest to judge its popularity. This update also comes quickly after they effected the Night Mode for all after being in test for a month too.

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