Twitter Finally Gets Stickers

Another way of engaging its millions of users


Consuming media is one of the core functions of any social networking app and it has been a priority of these companies to offer the best experience. The new wave is offering stickers and now Twitter is the latest company to feature stickers in its photo editing arsenal.

According to a blogpost, these stickers will be a “fun new way to add creativity to your photos and connect them to the world on Twitter. How will you access these stickers? Well it is rather easy. When you upload a photo on Twitter, you will lap on the smiley face icon which will let you access the sticker library. They have been arranged according to categories like Graduation or Start of Summer and are accessed via tabs just like how we have seen emojis being arranged in our modern virtual keyboard. Once you select a sticker, you only need to drag and reposition it to your photo to give it a little bit of oomph to it.

Twitter stickers

Twitter has gone ahead to add something special to the mix. These edited photos with stickers are now searchable where when you tap on a sticker in a tweet, it takes you to a new timeline where you can see how people are using that sticker which is quite cool.This new feature will be rolled out in the next few weeks for Twitter for Android and iOS users not forgetting the usual

We have moved on from the age where social networks were focusing on scaling up and now they are focusing on how to best monetize their platforms. Engaging these users is important and stickers are one of the methods used to do that. Snapchat recently added some on their chats and snap user interface, Telegram lets you create stickers and Facebook has an extensive library on its site and on Messenger too.


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