You Will Soon Be Making Money From Your Tumblr Blog



We have seen platforms that partner with its users where they share ad revenue like YouTube and a less known site called Tsu. It seems like Tumblr wants to join this club where they intend you to make money from your Tumblr blog.

How will you be able to do that? Well, Tumblr explained in their blog where starting yesterday, they will start introduce ads all over the site and later on people will be able to make money from their blogs on the network. Tumblr is indeed a unique site which we can credit from making GIFs cool and source of some memes that are used in other networks and it is imperative that the site keeps such important people on their network.

“Now (soon!) that opportunity will be available to any Tumblr- poet, musician, fan artist and misfit weirdo memelord alike,” the company said in the post. They revealed that they are currently working on the details of the “partner program” as they call it and implicitly stated that you won’t make money until you register for the program. However, they divulged that if you don’t want your blog to feature the ads, you can turn it off in settings. TechCrunch had more information about the deal where apparently the ads will appear in three places: the main page (if you’re using the default theme), mobile web and apps and the slide out section on the web.

This is great news for the site as it tries to make sure its 300 million plus users stay in the platform. It also comes at a time when they introduced Live Video on its platform which was implemented in the coolest way possible.

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