Tumblr has launched Live Video with an interesting implementation

Tumblr has joined the party in the quest to engage users with live video


tumblr live video implementation

There is a livestreaming gold rush going on with social networking sites. Twitter decided to buy Periscope, Facebook has Live Video, Google has YouTube livestream and a while ago Amazon bought Twitch. It has become sort of customary that a popular social networking platform to have a livestream platform of sorts and now Tumblr has joined the party.

Tumblr’s implementation is rather interesting and devoid of the norm. On other platforms, they have either decided to build their own livestream platform entirely or acquire companies that had built a livestreaming platform. Tumblr decided to use the various livestreaming platforms available for people to use that will be broadcasted right into their dashboards.

Which are these livestreaming platforms? Well there is YouTube for starters, YouNow, Kanvas and Upclose. What you need to do is create an account with these platforms (If you don’t have one), turn on Tumblr sharing and Go live! That’s it! Oh and if you have Marshmallow, you may need to allow the apps access to your camera and microphone because you obviously need them.

Just like the other competing platforms, these broadcasts will remain in your dashboard after the live broadcast is over and you will be notified when a person you follow goes live. Also if you had doubts, yes you can reblog these live broadcasts just like any other post.

Tumblr’s implementation of live video is so far my favourite thanks to the decision to leverage on the already established live broadcasting platforms. It is also good that they have partnered with three livestream platforms to build redundancy in the case where one platform is down, Tumblr users can use the others.

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