Google Brings Trello, GitHub and Google Alerts Integration to Inbox


Google Inbox

Google has been keen to make Google Inbox smarter and much more efficient for its users. Late last year, Google added smart reply, a feature that provides an alternative means of replying to anything hitting your Gmail inbox that requires a response from you. Users get several options right under the text editor that they can use to auto-reply without having to type a thing. The feature comes in handy for people whose inboxes are flooded with emails and need to figure out a way to clear them without ignoring anyone.

Google has now announced that in a new update, it will be adding core productivity tools to Inbox. Users will have the ability to better manage their trello tasks, stay on top of GitHub code changes, stay organized with Google drive integration and keep up with current events through Google Alerts.These changes will be effected across Inbox’s Android, iOS and web platforms. The new changes will sort of make Inbox a personal assistant in the management of work related tasks.

The integration of Trello will make it easy for users who use the tool to manage projects to have an overview of activities across projects in one single summary thread. With GitHub, the new changes will give users an overview of code changes and updates to repository while the Google Alerts will give users a newsletter in topics and individual is interested in.