Apple Has Reactivated Its Official Twitter Account

Apple Twitter account
Apple’s official Twitter account

Apple is one of those major tech companies that don’t use social media that much as compared to others like for example they don’t have an official Facebook page. However, some of their services have Twitter and Facebook accounts and today the company threw in a surprise by reactivating their official Twitter account.

When you view the profile, you can see that they actually “joined” on September 2011 and has been dormant for all these years. The interesting addition to Apple’s Twitter account is the header image which is the bokeh balls photo that is in the press release for the announcement of the new iPhones next week.

It is rather coincidental the company has decided to reactivate their official Twitter account during the time they usually announce new hardware to the world. The account could be used for several things like giving statements from the company to the world about a particular issue or in this month’s case, live tweet away during their keynote address next week.

This also comes at a time when the company reactivated also their Apple Support Twitter account which as the name suggests, is used to forward your complaints to the company.

These are not the only Twitter accounts in existence as they also have one for their streaming service (Apple Music) their store (App Store) and one for their news aggregator (Apple News). Could this mean a new direction from the company? We are not sure but it will be interesting to follow the updates from their “new” official account.

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