New Pixel Smartphones to Replace Nexus Devices from Google, Said to Launch on October 4th


Google has had several device lineups so far. There is the Nexus devices where the company showcases the latest mobile software. There’s the Pixel which is kind of a mixed bag since it caters to both Android and Chrome OS and then there are the other hardware efforts ranging from new devices like Google Home and the On Hub router to previous efforts like Google Glass and home automation products from Nest and hits like the Chromecast dongle.

In its efforts to streamline its device offerings, Google is said to be axing the Nexus device lineup in favour of a new device lineup that puts the Google brand front and centre. According to a new report by Android Police, that new device lineup won’t have an entirely new name. It’ll just pick up the Pixel name from Google’s Chromebooks and single Android tablet, the Pixel C.

As such, the two “Nexus” smartphones we’ve known all along are on the cards will likely go by the names Pixel and Pixel XL. And there’s even a date. October 4th is reportedly when Google will lift the veil off its new mobile devices which will also be accompanied by a new Chromecast dongle that allows Ultra HD (4K) streaming. It is then when we’ll get to see Google’s Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home, fully detailed as well as what Daydream VR hardware looks like (refer to this piece on Google I/O 2016 for more details on Google Home and Daydream VR).

The Pixel s reportedly a 5-inch smartphone while the Pixel XL, as the name suggests, will be much larger than the Pixel with a 5.5-inch display.


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