BlackBerry Expands Access to its Hub+ App to Android Lollipop Devices


Early last month, BlackBerry brought its Hub+ services app to the Google Play Store. However, the app (and as such its accompanying apps) could only work on devices running the (then) latest version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow. BlackBerry promised to expand access to users with devices running older versions of Android later.

A month later, the Canadian company has made good its promise. The BlackBerry Hub+, which is necessary for BlackBerry apps like BlackBerry Hub to work as it is the foundation upon which most BlackBerry apps and services are based, has been updated on the Play Store to support Android 5.0 devices.

Also, BlackBerry is expanding access to those whose devices run Android 6.0 but have low-resolution displays. A device still needs to be packing at least 2GB RAM in order for it to work, though.

The BlackBerry Hub+ suite of apps is free to use for 30 days after which one has to part with $1 for an ad-free experience or continue using them for free but with ads.