Facebook Is Trying To Declutter Itself By Launching A Separate App For Events

Only available for iPhone



Facebook Events are one of those features we’ve been using on the network for a long while and it allows individual or brands to create an event and invite their friends or followers to the said event. It is quite useful since you can find events that are around you and RSVP on the ones that are appealing to you.

Just like any other Facebook feature, it has room to grow and that is why Facebook surprised us by launching a separate app for Events which they call Events from Facebook. It is currently only available on iOS and it is feature packed.

Well, when you launch the app, you will be notified of the events your friends are interested in, events created by Pages that you like and updates from events. There is also the ability to browse for events based on time, interests or your location where you use an interactive map right within the app. Finally, the app will populate with the event dates that you’ve chosen to attend on the calendars in your phone so that it makes it easy for you to track them.

All these activities that you do within the app will be seen on Facebook so that your friends will know which events that you are planning to attend.

This app will be a great way to track and subscribe to events as they come and it will be perfect for someone who does not want to miss events during the year. Events from Facebook is only available to iPhone users in the US and the company says it will be soon available to Android.


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