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The most interesting aspect of being a developer is watching how people use your product and sure enough platform owners are usually amazed by what people end up doing with their networks. Social networks are usually geared to encourage people to be content creators where one can upload content to their account and if it is interesting enough, it would sure turn heads.

Instagram is a social network that is media friendly thanks to how the user interface is designed and it is a really good place to show photos and videos (upto a minute in length) to your followers. It has proven to be a successful network since it has garnered over 500 million users and among them, we have hidden gems. One of these “gems” is an account with really weird animations.

The account @randy.cano is focused on showcasing weird animations that the artist, Randy Cano, comes up with. They range from videos with objects that morph about to others that show clumsy dance moves while others show objects being smashed. They can be quite jarring at first (also thanks to the soundtrack they are bundled with) but they show the whole point of the art form. Here are some of them:

I call this the wacky waving head dude

🔊 Mr. Oizo – Machyne

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Oily soft objects doing epic dance moves


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He calls this the “Anxious burger”….I don’t know why

Anxious burger

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My favourite….SQUAADDD


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Wait…what just happened?


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We have seen such interesting uses of Instagram like this designer who uploaded his entire portfolio on his account and the author who decided to write an entire book post by post. These kind of accounts depict how Instagram allows people to be creative and this is good news for the 6 year old company.

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