A guy decided to upload his entire portfolio on Instagram instead of LinkedIn

instagram portfolio
IMG credit: www.instagram.com/castro.portfolio/
instagram portfolio
IMG credit: www.instagram.com/castro.portfolio

Instagram is pretty straightforward: Upload a photo, add a filter, come up with an interesting caption, sprinkle some hashtags and hit the upload button. This has not prevented people from coming up with interesting ways of using the service and one of them takes advantage of how Instagram is designed.

As you know, if you login on your profile on both desktop and mobile, photos can be arranged in a grid pattern so that you can view multiple photos at a go. Some people have used apps that make grids of photos posted as individual posts to make the photo more immersive. One Castro Desroches decided to do this, but for a different purpose altogether.

When you view his two Instagram accounts: One that shows his portfolio and one for his career path. His project: Frame By Frame was a result of not being satisfied with LinkedIn. “LinkedIn didn’t seem like a narrative that would allow people to make an informed decision on hiring because it doesn’t show the character of the person,” he told Adweek. “I had to get my portfolio together and I thought, what better way to spin it than to put the entire thing on Instagram?”

The effect is that it really shows his designer career and this effect was no smooth ride. According to the publication, he had uploaded over 300 images, 7 videos, had 5 separate accounts, 5 proper do-overs and 3 ban instances by Instagram. He described the project as “a timeline of my artistic milestones” and you can see that from the following screenshots:

frame by frame project on instagram

This is not the craziest project we’ve seen someone do on Instagram. There is someone who is writing a book exclusively on Instagram and other people make barbie dolls models on the network. Instagram indeed has spurred the creative nature of people and we will still see new ways people will concoct to spice up their feeds.


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