Social Media Uproar Forces Influencer To Pull Down Post


Social media gaffe

Social media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon on the advertising industry and it has led companies to contract influential figures to promote their products. This is usually done by either by talking about the product forthrightly or by mentioning the product seamlessly in the post.

Well, Biko Zulu, the famous writer is known for his great stories on his blog like the widely shared story about Jadudi which ended up starting the #1MillionForJadudi hashtag that led to people contributing for Jadudi’s healthcare bill. This time however, Biko Zulu is trending for the wrong reasons thanks to a post that was shared on his social media accounts. (Facebook and Instagram).

The post was about a hard hitting story of a rape ordeal and depression a young woman went through, but the issue people pointed out was the product placement towards the end of the post, which made people all riled up.

Here are the comments people posted about the post made by Biko on Facebook. Most people were quite mad about the juxtaposition of the story and the product placement.

comment-1 comment-2

When the story was shared on Twitter later on, it caused an uproar where they condemned Biko for the post just like how people on Facebook did before.

He has since deleted the post and issued an apology to his audience which has been quoted verbatim below.

We appreciate your comments on the last post. Our intention was not to offend anyone’s sensibilities, it was inappropriate. We have since pulled down the post and we sincerely apologize for this.


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