BlackBerry is Not Yet Done Making Smartphones With Physical Keyboards


Even after seemingly abandoning its own operating system, BlackBerry 10, for Android, BlackBerry carried with it one of its most iconic features on any device it has ever made, the physical keyboard. That keyboard adorns the Canadian company’s first ever Android smartphone, the Priv.

However, recent developments have got some hardcore BlackBerry fans worried. The company has failed to release another device with a physical keyboard ever since it unveiled the Priv. Both the DTEK50 and the DTEK60, BlackBerry’s most recent smartphones whose key selling point is their emphasis on BlackBerry’s legendary security software, lack physical keyboards.

According to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, anyone still interested in using a new BlackBerry smartphone with a physical keyboard need not be worried. The company, according to its boss, still has one more smartphone with a physical keyboard “for the fans”.

While it is still anyone’s guess what that device might be, recent leaks suggest that it will be a member of the DTEK family and most likely assume the DTEK70 name.