Instagram Has Roughly DoubleThe Number of Active Users Twitter Has

Instagram is not slowing down at all


instagram multiple account switching

It may seem like most social networks have reached the peak in terms of the number of active users since you may know several people with multiple social media accounts. That is not the case since a majority of the world’s population are not regular Internet users and there is still room for growth.

Some social networks like Twitter usually show slow rate of new user acquisition but not the Facebook owned Instagram. According to the company, it now boasts a community of over 600 million users which is quite the achievement. The impressive part is that it they were able to acquire 100 million users in the last 6 months which is a good thing for the company.

This year we have seen Instagram add a few changes to its core experience in a bid to make sure that its users are fully engaged on the platform. They changed their skeuomorphic logo, redesigned the user interface to a mostly white design, added Instagram stories, added drafts, introduced Live Video, added comment moderation and recently added bookmarking of posts.

Updates to the core app experience are not the only improvements on Instagram.. Over time, Instagram has proved to be quite lucrative to merchants and the company revealed in September that it was able to more than double its advertiser base in 6 months. This will mean that Instagram will become a major cash cow for the Facebook ecosystem which makes it one of the best purchases Facebook has ever made.

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