Instagram Has Decided To Give Us Drafts




Sometimes you are usually in a hurry and may not have the time to publish your post. That is why drafts are handy and we have seen them being integrated as features in email services and on the mobile Twitter and Facebook apps.

Now Instagram is being reported to join this club (although rather late) where they will finally allow all of its 500 million active users to make and access their drafts. This feature was apparently tested over a month ago and it seems they have seen it fit to roll it out to everybody.

Creating drafts is as easy as what we see in other networks. When you are not completely done with your post, you only need to tap on the back button and the Instagram app will ask you whether you want to save the post or not. If you tap “save”, it will be saved in a special folder in your library which is apparently above your usual photos for easy access. In addition, there is apparently a “manage” button which you will use to remove the draft posts that you don’t need.

Drafts are incredibly useful in several ways where they can save your content for later publishing if you are not in the position to or if you want to publish the post at a specific time. This is also the latest feature added by the company after they decided to remove a feature that we didn’t use that much and we can sure trade drafts for that.


  1. No folder I can find, no library nothing. I want access my Drafts! Where is the library or manage link. None on my home page gives those!! Helpppppp!!#

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