Photo Maps Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past On Instagram



Instagram usually has this “minimalist” appearance but actually it harbours some features we rarely use and one of them is the photo maps  feature. This usually has a dedicated tab on your Instagram profile with a generic location logo and going by a report by Mashable, it is on its way out.

According to the publication, Instagram confirmed to the publication that it is in the process of killing the photo map feature where apparently some users have already seen the removal of the feature from their apps. “Photo Map was not widely used,” the company said in a statement, “so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities.”

The move is not surprising at all and the reason for removing Photo Tags makes sense. You rarely hear someone use Photo tags regularly and it can be used as a history time machine from time to time when trying to remember where you tagged a specific photo. We’ve seen the company perform other tests on the app like the one they did almost two months ago where some people saw that they were remodelling their photo viewing options.

In the section where Instagram said that they were “focusing on other priorities”, you can be sure that they want to be competitive in a space where they are competing with the likes of Snapchat. That is why they released Instagram Stories which has become a hit and making it more business savvy with a host of new tools.

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