Instagram Wants to Ditch the List View in Profiles for a Way Better System

This is way better and I hope it is rolled out soon



Instagram has changed a lot in the last two years. It has grown from being a simple network that lets you share filtered pictures to your friends to a network with over 500 million people. They have also made changes to its design where they ditched their skeuomorphic design elements from the icon to the user interface for a more colourful icon and a toned down user interface.

Now it seems they want to change an aspect of the user interface that will change how you scroll photos on a profile. According to Mashable, Instagram seems to be testing a change in the user interface where they have removed the list view.

If you have used Instagram, you know that there are two different ways of seeing posts on a profile: Either by clicking on the thumbnail tab that shows posts in three columns and a list view tab that arranges the posts into one scrollable timeline.

Instagram has changed the last part where the list view tab has been removed. This seems like a terrible idea since we use that option to check each post individually but what they have implemented instead is way better. As explained in the above video in the tweet, when you click on a post within the thumbnails view on a profile, it opens the post as usual. But now Instagram has integrated a continuous view feature where after viewing the post, you can now scroll down to see the next and so on.

Instagram is known to test upcoming features to its users and this is no surprise. This is a way better implementation and now the question is when they will roll this out to all users.

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