One of the Core Features of Windows 10 Mobile May Be Headed to Samsung’s Android Smartphones


For over a year now, users of several smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile platform have been able to turn them into small PCs using a special dock. The feature, known as Continuum (read our review), is one of the defining features of the Windows 10 experience that Microsoft hoped would endear it to users. Knowing where matters Windows stand as far as mobile goes, it’s not hard to see why it’s not the most talked about mobile feature.

All that could change soon, though, if a slide unearthed by Steve Litchfield over at All About Windows purportedly from sources familiar with the matter at Samsung, turns out to be true.

According to the slide and the subsequent report published, Samsung has been hard at work on something similar to Continuum but for its Android-powered Galaxy smartphones. The overall assumption here is that this is something we are likely to see in the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, which is set to be revealed no later than March this year.

While it is not clear how exactly this Continuum-like experience will function, if at all it turns out to be real, it is expected to borrow heavily many aspects of the Windows 10 Mobile experience as well as some possible integration with Samsung’s signature Multiwindow feature.

If a Continuum-like experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone happens then it won’t be the first time that the Korean consumer electronics giant has tried its hand at trying to integrate mobile and desktop experiences. SideSync, a feature that projects a phone’s screen to a desktop computer, has been around for a while and is supported by some of the company’s desktop machines and high-end mobile devices.


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