SideSync Is Here To Connect Your Samsung Smartphone To Your PC


Do you own a Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S4? Do you have a Samsung PC running Windows 8  too? If the answer to both questions is yes then you are in luck. A new video posted on Samsung Notebook’s YouTube channel showcases SideSync in action. SideSync is set to make all your fantasies come true.

Samsung SideSync

With SideSync you’ll be able to do in a much simpler way what most geeks have been doing for a while with their fancied Droids using expensive add-on accessories. While not as gimmicky and pricey as the add-ons currently in the market that still do the same things over a wide range of Android devices (not just smartphones but also tablets) and personal computers from various manufacturers, SideSync is meant to just get the work done for its target devices, in this case Samsung smartphones and PCs. There’s a rider to this Samsung PCs part though.

I understand that the SideSync app also shipped with the ATIV Smart PCs and has been largely relegated to those machines alone and it is only now that Samsung is demoing how it will also work on other Samsung PCs but I believe with a few hacks you can also get the app working on just about any other PC running Windows 8 as well so for those of us not wholly tied to the Samsung ecosystem and would not wish to miss out on this party we can gate crash.

Hacks aside, all you need to get SideSync performing all the magic for you albeit officially, is a Samsung smartphone like the S4 with the SideSync Android app installed and a Samsung Windows 8 PC (the app comes pre-installed on these) and you’re good to go. Oh and a docking station to place the smartphone.

What does it do? Just a glance: With SideSync you get the equivalent of Android’s developer emulator on your PC showing your Samsung smartphone live so you can actually copy and paste stuff directly to your smartphone from your PC’s desktop. You can copy and paste text, transfer files and folders etc. Watch the introductory video below for more details.


  1. Wow! Samsung wants to take all our money. Now think what a graphic designer can do if they have both devices and a touch enabled PC. You can basically do work on either device and go demo with your phone or tablet.

      • I have a note2 and a new ativ pro, downloaded the app on the phone, but didn’t find it on the ativ, not pre installed as all the news say, couldn’t find the pc app anywhere on the web or Samsung site, so couldn’t really get it to work. not sure what are my options.

        • I am not sure why the app is not pre-loaded on your ATIV Pro but all is not lost. Samsung stated that they’ll be releasing the app for older Samsung PCs and any other supported Samsung computers that currently don’t have it in coming months so all you need now is patience. You can be sure it will be available.

  2. just bought the latest ativ book 9 plus. It doesn’t have it preinstalled. I can go to their website but they want my credit card details and it says its 29.99.
    whats going on. Is it free i.e. preinstalled or not ?

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