Nokia May Be Working on its Own Virtual Assistant Named Vik


If anything, 2017 may be the year of the voice assistant. Or so we are led to believe at this point. Look around, everyone already has one or is in the process of making one.

Google just took the wraps off Google Assistant a few months ago, Amazon’s Alexa now seems to be everywhere from robots made by LG to the latest premium smartphones from Huawei, Microsoft’s Cortana keeps on adding new functionalities and will soon be found in cars from Nissan and BMW while Apple’s Siri lives on, witty as ever.

Samsung is set to introduce its own voice assistant, right now going by the name Bixby, on its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. Not one to be left behind, it looks like Nokia, which has just made a comeback in the smartphone space with a new device, is also in on the voice assistant race.

A trademark filing in the European Union hints at what looks like a voice assistant from the Finnish company. Here is how it is described in the 3-page document filing:

Or maybe we’re looking too much into this and Nokia is just working on something else. Time will tell.


Header image: Digital Trends


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