Turkish Butcher Became An Unlikely Celebrity Thanks To His Eccentric Skills

This is the most eccentric butcher you've ever come across



Twitter has this tendency to trend any weird thing that trends on the timeline and in this case it involves a butcher who knows his way with a knife and meat.

In the videos, the Turkish butcher, Nusret Gökçe, is seen showing quite the commitment while cutting meat often in weird ways which were immediately noticed by people on social media.

Take for example this video of him cutting what he calls “Ottoman steak”

From the video, you can see the interesting antics as he cuts the meat with a dramatic twist at the end as he adds the salt. That video became popular on Twitter and it became  a trending topic with the hashtag #saltbae which is still ongoing till now.

Since this Twitter we are talking about, the meme became viral and people started to come up with all sort of scenarios around it.

How God will sprinkle blessings

When the lie is well seasoned

When you sprinkle some procrastination

Adding finishing touches to an argument

God after creating black women

When you use thus in an essay

That was not his only video that got traction on social media.

These videos made people come up with other memes

Poor vegetarians

Some petitioned Apple to come up with a Salt Bae emoji (which is not crazy at all, anything is possible in this modern society)

This is basically it!

His Instagram account is actually verified and you can see the rest of the videos and photos of the eccentric butcher. Well from now on, cutting steak (or seasoning it with salt) will never be the same again.