HTC ‘Ocean Note’ Smartphone With a Familiar Design Leaked

HTC ocean note

Fans of HTC may have something to smile about this January. A few days ago, a supposed video of the HTC Vive (another upcoming HTC device) smartphone leaked, through leaker evleaks. Evleaks posted a 90-second video on twitter that showed off devices sporting the “HTC vive” branding on them and teased of unlikely combinations and taking risks to embrace the unexpected and resonate with consumers.


Well, we have another leak, thanks to Weibo. This time of a device codenamed, Ocean Note. Images of this HTC device have surfaced online and they show a lot of borrowed design language from already existing devices.

We have a secondary display at the top, as you can see from this image. This is reminiscent of LG’s V10 and V20 devices. According to the leaked photos, the functionality of the secondary display will include, app shortcuts, weather and an always-on display, just like the LG V10/V20. On the back of the smartphone, we have a look that is clearly borrowed from Samsung.

As you can see, the device strays way from HTC’s signature design of an all aluminium build and they have switched over to glass on the back and front (maybe in an effort to remain relevant). Uptop, we have a sim card tray and a mic, on the bottom we have USB-C and no headphone jack (shocker).

Other specifications of the device include 6″ QHD display, snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. HTC is teasing an upcoming device, set to be announced on 12th January, and it this could be it. Let’s wait and see what HTC are planning with the ‘Ocean Note’.

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