Google Is Still Showing Some Love To Google Plus


You may not use Google Plus as regularly as other social networks, but it is a relatively large social network in its own regard. It was Google’s attempt of having their own social network and although we have rumours of them shutting down Google+, that has not been the case.

Well now Google is issuing a slew of updates to Google+ and they claim that they have done a lot of listening and this has led them to launch more than 50 updates across the web and the mobile apps which have been listed in this post.

Some of these updates include:

Hiding ‘low quality’ comments

Google+ will now allow you to focus on the comments that matter the most to you by letting you hide comments that you deem as irrelevant. If you want to see all of the comments in the post, you only need to go to the options and tap “see all comments.”

Showing you more

Google+ will now make the best use of your screen size where it will show you less white space and more posts. Also, since people use Google+ for sharing high resolution photos, they’ve added zoom functionality.

Events is back!

From January 24th, you will be able to create or join events on the web. Creating and sharing events is a good way to drive engagement on a social network (ahem Facebook) and this s a good way to drive up its numbers.

Will these changes make you want to become a more active member of Google+?