Telegram Messenger Might Add Voice Calling In the Future

This will be swell

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Most messaging apps have several features that you use or take for granted and when they lack in a certain messaging app, people tend to reach out to the company to add them in the foreseeable future.

Telegram Messenger is a messaging app that we love to use and although it has so many cool features (cloud based, secret chat, bots e.t.c). It has lacked some features that we have seen on other messaging platforms like video calling and voice calling.

Well it seems that will change soon thanks to a conversation thread Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov had with a user. This guy asked Telegram Messenger’s founder if they would add audio calls and the ability to change themes on the app and the Pavel responded by giving an assurance that they will.

Audio calling is actually a feature we would like in Telegram. It was added to Facebook Messenger in 2014 which is now available to its billion plus users and WhatsApp added it later to its billion users in 2015. It has allowed people to make voice calls to their friends and family which has made telcos in some countries become weary due to the fact that it threatened their voice revenues.

In terms of themes however, Telegram had made plans on this where they announced the ability to create your own themes and you can download some on this Telegram channel. This only works for desktop and we hope they push that for the mobile app. If you want to have themes on your Telegram app, there is Plus Messenger for you.