The Highs and Lows of the Donald Trump Inauguration as Seen on Social Media

Via Eric Fernandez, Twitter


Donald Trump was inaugurated on Friday last week and social media was abuzz thanks to people commenting about what was happening on the event. People followed the various events live on the various platforms and this meant that we got to see some interesting stuff from the comments about the inauguration

Twitter was the place to follow the events live and as expected, the tweets about the events were as epic as the Inauguration itself. They ranged from the size of the crowd that attended the event to the weird things people were doing and this is the sort of coverage traditional media is yet to emulate as good as social media.

The first notable thing people noticed was the attendance which was below than what people saw during the preceding President’s inauguration.

It is empty!

It is so roomy, John Legend said

People start comparing it with Obama’s inauguration attendance numbers (both 2009 and 2013)

This showed the magnitude even better

However, it became better when Michelle Obama was seen making faces and Twitter made it into a meme.

Girl….I know girl

I feel you Michelle

Michelle Obama’s faces were epic

Other memes included ones around Obama with the famous old GIF of him looking like he forgot something.

I left Biden with Trump

Lemme go get them seasonings

The focus also shifted to other interesting observations

Like how Trump and Obama arrived with their wives

Bill Clinton and Hillary

The attention was also directed towards Melania Trump where she didn’t look happy at all

Others made fun of her dress by invoking a Harry Potter reference

Going back to the crowd, people posted interesting things they saw over there

Like this lady

Or the undercover ‘Russian spy’

Finally, people found really funny signs people were holding during the Inauguration.

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