Facebook Q4 results: 53% Increase In Revenue YoY, WhatsApp Crosses 1.2 Billion Users Mark

Facebook is doing very well!


You may assume that Facebook has hit its peak in terms of revenue and the total number of active subscribers, but that is not the case if you check out their latest Q4 2016 results.

According to Facebook, revenue for the fourth quarter for 2016 was $8.629 billion which was an impressive 53% YoY increase when compared to the numbers posted for 2015 ($5.637 billion.) The net income also rose 128% to $3.568 billion and the total revenue for 2016 rose to $26.885 billion which was a 57% when compared to 2015.

Facebook also gave information about their current user base. Daily active users rose 18% YoY to 1.23 billion while monthly active users are slowly nearing the 2 billion mark (1.86 billion to be exact) which is a 17% year on year. Facebook’s audience is primarily mobile where they revealed that the daily active users on mobile were 1.15 billion on average and the monthly active users on mobile stood at 1.74 billion as of December 31st 2016.

That is not all. Facebook has grown thanks to acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram as well as spurning off their Inbox to form Messenger. They announced a while ago that Instagram had hit 600 million users but the new figure is that there are 1.2 billion active users on WhatsApp. In addition, there are over 50 million people who are connected via Internet.org and they have shipped over 5 million Gear VR units.

Facebook is not showing any signs of slowing down and for a company that is only 13 years old, the figure will only get higher. Taking the fact that the likes of Instagram is being properly monetized by the company and they are yet to monetize fully WhatsApp and Messenger, these results will only get better.


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