Twitter Proves Trump Owns and Wears Bathrobes Despite An Aide Saying It Was ‘Made Up’

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President Donald Trump is now in the public limelight and this means whatever is said by him or by his aides will be under scrutiny.

Well, the New York Times ran a story of the current working life of Trump an his aides in the White House which included an interesting factoid about the new President:

“When Mr. Trump is not watching television in his bathrobe or on his phone reaching out to old campaign hands and advisers, he will sometimes set off to explore the unfamiliar surroundings of his new home.”

The factoid here is that he wears a ‘bathrobe’ while watching television. In true Trump fashion, he decided to condemn the newspaper by posting this tweet where he said that they were writing “fiction” and made up stories from made up sources.

The White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, also demanded an apology from The New York Times as quoted by the Hill. “That report was so riddled with inaccuracies and lies that they owe the president an apology,” he said, “there were just literally blatant factual errors and it’s unacceptable to see that kind of reporting or so-called reporting.”

Also in the report by the Hill, He also talked about the bathrobe. “I don’t think the president owns a bathrobe; he definitely doesn’t wear one,” he was quoted as saying, “From top to bottom they made up stories that just don’t exist. And I think that’s unfortunate.”

Well, Twitter decided to prove to Trump and Sean Spicer that indeed Trump “owns” a bathrobe and “wears it” and it was epic.

Like this photo of Trump in a bathrobe

Trump definitely has bathrobes and looks like he loves them.

Trump even signed an autograph on a Trump bathrobe.

The conversation even shifted to taunt Trump with bathrobe jokes.


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