Twitter Will Not Notify You Of Replies To Conversations From People You Blocked Or Muted


One focus Twitter has set out to solve on its platform is the issue of harassment on the platform and of late have been making changes to make the network safe for its users.

Twitter offers various tools to combat harassment on the network and they include the mute and block button. When you block someone, they won’t be able to see your tweets and will realize they have been blocked when they interact with your tweets or go to your profile. Muting allows you to remove traces of their tweets from your timeline and this applies also to topics you don’t want to see.

Now Twitter wants to further bolster the mute and blocking functionality with an update. “Now, you won’t be notified about replies to conversations started by people you’ve blocked/muted, unless replies are from people you follow,” they said in a tweet.

This is a positive change since in the previous system, the victim of harassment would see the replies to the person he/she had blocked or muted. In the new change, the troll and the conversations will all be hidden from view.

Last month, Twitter promised to take a new approach to curb harassment on their platform where they admitted they had not done enough and will push updates to remedy that. Recently, they tried fumbling with lists but that was rolled back promptly due to an outrage. Twitter promised to keep users posted on the changes and will continue listening to feedback from users so as to make it safe for everyone.

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  1. I suspect I was just muted because I can no longer see any replies to his posts, even though I could before. I can see the number of replies to each of his posts, but I can’t actually see them.

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