Twitter Rolled Back A Change Concerning Lists Thanks To An Outrage

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Twitter is in a precarious situation where it seems they are doing what they can to counter harassment on their site but their ideas seem not to be working well.

Earlier today, Twitter’s Safety account tweeted of a change they had made on Lists where you wouldn’t get notified when you get added in one.

Lists are one of the best things about Twitter since you can create lists based on certain categories, like “people in tech” or “comedians” or “breaking news outlets.” When you are added to a list, you get a notification and it gives you an indication of what people think of you thanks to your tweets.

Twitter’s action of not letting you not be notified when you are added to a list may be tied to the fact that some people are harassed on the platform after being added into specific lists. However, the decision to make such a change in lists was not met by people well on Twitter.

This was the last useful thing on Twitter

A good case for using lists

Now this is a better idea for dealing with lists

Twitter saw that they have made a mistake and decided to roll back the feature citing it as a “misstep.”

This change was also echoed by sentiments from Twitter’s VP of Engineering, Ed Ho.

It is back to the drawing board as they try to make Twitter safer for its users. They had promised a slew of changes to curb harassment on the site like filtering replies and in the case of lists, they have to look for an alternative method to deal with that.