Samsung Might Surprise Us with a Windows Tablet at MWC 2017


Samsung has already confirmed that there will be a tablet of sorts showing up at its MWC event this coming Sunday. Many of us have been working under the assumption that the tablet in question is the Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung’s long overdue high-end tablet. What if the Korean company has another tablet under wraps waiting to be revealed in a few days’ time as well?

That is the question we have been asking ourselves as details filter in of a purported Galaxy Book which is referenced to in a new application on the Windows Store that is named, quite unashamedly, Samsung Galaxy Book.

As you may have guessed, Samsung does not have any device at the moment called Galaxy Book and as such that can only be a reference to some swanky new unreleased hardware which we will, hopefully, get to see very soon.

Samsung patented the Galaxy Book name 5 years ago and it looks like the time is nigh for it to be made good use of.

So what kind of tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Book? We don’t know much at this point but it is whispered to be something along the lines of the Galaxy TabPro, a convertible device running Windows. Only that the Galaxy Book may ditch the latter’s convertible status and just be a straight up tablet. That, if true, will be disappointing because all the “Book” devices we have seen so far are not your usual slates but rather something that can take the place of a traditonal desktop computing device complete with a keyboard. Like Huawei’s MateBook. Or Microsoft’s Surface Book. Or Lenovo’s Yoga Book. At least there will be a stylus and good ol’ AMOLED.

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