New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks Hit the Web, Confirming What We Already Know


The leaks are not slowing down. Every other day, we see a new leak surface online. The images that we have now, all confirm the rumours that have gone around about the Galaxy S8. In the images below, from the front, one can see that the smartphone doesn’t have a physical home button, which confirms that the fingerprint scanner has indeed been moved to the back.

We can also see the curved screen and extremely thin bezels, as expected. Consistent with earlier rumours, the Galaxy S8 sports a USB Type-C port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom, along with a speaker grill.

The S8 strays away from what we have come to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy series, and these changes are much welcome. The rounded curved edges and the small bezels on the top and at the bottom give it a unique look that a lot of consumers will probably like. We have seen a similar look with the LG G6, aside from the curved edges, and that device is beautiful.

There’s still no official word on when Samsung will announce the devices. We’ll know more details on February 26, when the company will share the launch date with the public during its MWC event as well as a short teaser trailer.

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  1. The awkward placement of the fingerprint at the back, next to the camera, has it been confirmed? I hope its not true.

    • All the leaks show it at that position. I believe it is meant to push people to use the iris scanner instead.

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