Apple’s Latest Mobile Operating System Version Installed on 79% of Devices


While Android Nougat, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is still stuck at the lower end of the single digits spectrum, things are looking up for its equivalent from the other side of the fence, Apple’s iOS.

iOS 10, the latest version of the software that runs on Apple’s mobile devices, is installed on 79% of such devices. Its predecessor, iOS 9, accounts for 16% while all older versions of iOS manage a measly 5%, an impressive feat by all means.

Apple has consistently managed to register impressive numbers when it comes to the number of users updating to its latest software. The company is able to issue updates to all its users promptly thanks to its strict oversight of the end-to-end hardware and software experience. That is not the case on Android where Google issues updates but since it doesn’t make the devices Android users use, has to rely on its partners, the device makers, to eventually avail the update to those users. These ones usually take their time as they have to strip the software and add some bells and whistles then eventually delivering the update. At least that is what happens to some users. The majority never even get them.

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