Instagram Gains 100 million Users in 4 Months


Instagram is not slowing down at all.

Today, Instagram has announced that the community has grown to more than 700 million users, setting another milestone for the media sharing network.

This is particularly interesting since they announced last year in December that they had crossed the 600 million mark, which means that the acquisition of 100 million users was done in 4 months, which is impressive.

In comparison with other social networks like Twitter, the latter only gained 9 million in Q1 2017, which is 10 times slower than Instagram’s rate. However, the latter benefits from the extensive Facebook system which is almost at the 2 billion monthly users mark.

Instagram is still way behind its siblings in the Facebook ecosystem, where Facebook boasts a count of 1.89 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp (1.2 billion) and recently Messenger announced that they also hit 1.2 billion MAUs.

During this time, Instagram has announced several features that have made the service better for its users. They rolled out Live Video in January to keep up with the rest. You can now add several photos in one post which is great if you want to share photos of a party for example. They started testing Geostickers in selected cities. Instagram’s Direct got a revamp to make it even more Snapchat-Like. Last week, Instagram announced that Instagram for Android will allow you to use several features while offline which is super!

At this rate, Instagram might hit a billion users some time like this next year and will finally join its Facebook siblings as the only few apps that can boast a billion users.


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