The number one concern people have is why they should pay for a ShowMax subscription and still incur expensive data costs. Well, we have a solution for you to ensure that you can enjoy ShowMax without the worry of your data bundles.

Quick reminder, ShowMax comes in two flavours; ShowMax Select at Ksh.330 valid for 30 days and offers you over 8,500 movies and episodes and ShowMax Premium at Ksh.880 valid for 30 days which offers over 20,000 movies and episodes. This unlocks a bevy of shows for you to enjoy, from local shows such as Demigods to international shows that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.

Here’s the secret, Safaricom has a unique video bundle that allows subscribers to use the bundle to get access to video streaming services that are currently only restricted to ShowMax. The bundles are offered as:

  • 7.5GB for Ksh.1,699
  • 15GB for Ksh.3,199
  • 30GB for Ksh.5,999
  • 60GB for Ksh.9,999

The video bundles are valid for 30 days and will roll over if you buy another bundle before the expiry of your bundle.

This bundles come in handy as they will exclusively be used to stream ShowMax content, ensuring that nothing cuts you off from your entertainment.

To access the bundles, simply follow the steps below:

  • Dial *422# on your Safaricom line
  • Select option 3 (Video only data bundles)
  • Select the bundle you wish to purchase
  • Enjoy some ShowMax and relax

ShowMax is also running an offer for M-Pesa subscribers. Simply buy a 3 month ShowMax subscription with M-Pesa and get yourself one month free.

To see the full catalogue of shows available on ShowMax click here.