ShowMax is Exclusively Bringing the Pope to Africa with HBO’s “The Young Pope”


After opening its offices in Nairobi, increasing its catalogue with a “bevy of hot new local shows“, ShowMax is at it again. The video on demand service has secured the rights to the critically acclaimed joint HBO and Sky production, “The Young Pope”.

The controversial series, which portrays the first American Pope as simultaneously hip, mysterious and ultra-conservative, was directed by Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino. The story of The Young Pope is simple: a good-looking young American is elected as the head of the Catholic Church by elderly cardinals, who assume that an easily manipulated, media-friendly Pope will increase the Church’s popularity. What they get is a Cherry Coke Zero addicted smoker, familiar with the pop culture of Daft Punk and Banksy, yet deeply conservative and set on charting a new authoritarian path for the Papacy.

The show has been reviewed as “stunning, thoughtful and visually arresting”  by The Guardian and as “…confounding, captivating and one of the most unsettling shows in years” by The Washington Post.

ShowMax is pretty excited by this new addition and the company hopes that The Young Pope will be a hit for them due to the show’s “incredible cast, beautiful cinematography and more than a little controversy”.

The Young Pope has been available on ShowMax since April 13, 2017. We are not sure how many people actually use ShowMax but if you do, enjoy some controversy.


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