ShowMax Catalogue to Get a Bevy of Hot New Local Additions This April


ShowMax hasn’t been around for that long but the video on demand service is serious about catching up with the competition.

ShowMax has just announced a list of shows that it will be introducing to its catalogue starting this April. The service already has over 20,000 episodes of different series, but that number is about to grow even bigger, with the addition of the following local series:

TWISTED – A star-studded series about three strong, lively, sexy women trying to cut it in male-dominated industries, making enemies while they make their fortunes. Created by and starring Scolly Cheruto.

Planned Release Date: 03/04

STATE HOUSE – Directed by Wanuri Kahiu, this groundbreaking TV series is set in a fictional State House and follows the drama, scandals and political intrigue of Kenya’s First Family.
Planned Release Date: 17/04

LOKOLOKO – A hit Swahili comedy from Scolly Cheruto about three unlikely friends who travel from the countryside to the city and back again. Nominated for Best Comedy at the Kalasha Awards.
Planned Release Date: 10/04

DEMIGODS – This family drama is about a mother seeking justice for her daughter, who was caught up in the web of abuse and violence that her uncle spun around her.
Planned Release Date: 20/04

WASH & SET – At Salon wa Hilda, daily life equals drama. Hilda is a single mother struggling to run her hairdressing business, while her staff, family and customers provide laughter and support.
Planned Release Date: 24/04

THIS IS IT – Follow newlyweds Dede and Tomide as they cope with their first year of marriage. They’ve got to adjust to their new life as man and wife – and it’s not easy!
Planned Release Date: 13/04

Movie lovers have not been left behind, as the company is also adding quite an interesting list of locally produced movies to their catalogue:

SOUL BOY – This unforgettable movie is about teenaged Abila from Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, who has to make a deal with a witch to win back his father’s soul.
Planned Release Date: 06/04

SOMETHING NECESSARY – Set in the unrest after the 2007 Kenyan elections, this touching drama is about a widow struggling to rebuild her life, and the young gangster who is drawn to her.
Planned Release Date: 13/04

THE ATHLETE – An internationally renowned movie about Abebe Bikila, the Ethiopian who won the Olympic marathon … twice. This is the tragic story of how he lost the use of his legs.
Planned Release Date: 20/04

THE MAN AT THE CAR WASH – Fred is a down-on-his-luck, hardworking youngster who dreams of living large. Then his long-lost brother shows up and makes an offer he can’t resist. From renowned Ugandan film-maker Matt Bish.
Planned Release Date: 13/04

MAKERS OF A NATION – These are the stories of the lives and times of Kenyan politicians from the era of independence. In one way or another, they all contributed to the emerging political landscape.
Planned Release Date: 23/04

FRIENDS FOR LIFE – Lucy has been friends with Freda and Filipa since kindergarten and their friendship has been tested through the years until Lucy’s childhood crush Alex shows up.
Planned Release Date: 27/04

ShowMax prides itself in being the only video on demand service in Kenya that offers local shows. This has been the company’s strategy to stand out from the crowd. The strategy seems to have been working until now, seeing that the company even set up an office an Nairobi Garage. We will be watching to see what more ShowMax has to offer its local subscribers.


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