LG’s NeoChef Microwave Oven Wants You to Cook Smart


LG-NeoChefWhile the frequency of cooking at home is declining, research indicates that families are looking for ways to save time in their own kitchens. Technology is now taking over the kitchen through intuitive control with new devices that even do most of the cooking for you. The smart appliance trendsetting that started in the living room is now moving into the kitchen.

The thought of dinner cooking itself as we watch TV in the other room certainly sounds appealing. LG’s latest appliance wants to partially replace the chef on your house and give you your precious family time back.

LG NeoChef Microwave Oven (MWO) serves as the perfect Kitchen assistant in terms of usability, taking charge of the cooking and dining experience. NeoChef MWO has Inverter Technology that has enhanced it for better, faster, more efficient cooking performance while saving time and conserving energy at the same time.

LG’s Smart Inverter technology allows for flexibility to select the power level at the start of the cooking process and varies the power delivered during the cooking process depending on the cooking option selected.

Its most notable features is the ability to cook a variety of foods including Hot & Cold dishes, Tasty Grilling, hygiene enhancing controls eliminating 99.99% of harmful bacteria and LED lamp giving Clear view of inside product.

The NeoChef evenly cooks and defrost food with linear power control.  Its 200 watts of heating power cooks dishes faster than conventional models. The oven enorgomic designs offer increased stability and easy to use controls while its hygiene enhancing.

LG NeoChef

This particular model offers guided cooking for every step of the cooking process on various recipes through intuitive control. With guided cooking, the cook retains the creative, sensory experience of preparing food while delegating the details to the smart appliance.

From the New NeoChef MWO, to smart scales that track the weight of each ingredient, notifying the user of the of the correct measurement for their recipes, to smart utensils and plates to cater for users healthy as well as Door-in- Door refrigerators, LG electronics has set the trend for futuristic feel of a smart kitchen and in extension a smart home.


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