This iPhone 8 Leak Will Leave You Drooling After The New Bezelless Design


After the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 stripped off nearly all their bezels, it would be bad for the iPhone to keep them. Well, according to a leak by three alleged Foxconn employees, the new iPhone will look glorious.

Quick lesson, for those who do not know what Foxconn is, it is the company that actually assemble iPhones after they are designed by Apple.

Through a Reddit thread, the three employees went ahead to divulge important information on upcoming Apple products but the major news was on the upcoming iPhone.

The leaks revealed that the new 10th anniversary iPhone will actually be known as iPhone X and will feature a bezelless design with an edge-to-edge display that has curved edges. Interestingly, the top front bezel still houses the front-facing camera and sensors, since the display wraps around to accommodate them.

We have seen a similar design with Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, but the big question is, how will notifications be handled seeing that most of the top part of the display has been used up.

It was also revealed that there will be dual cameras at the back with a rather odd vertical alignment, but seeing that the upcoming OnePlus 5 allegedly rips off the iPhone 7 Plus design, maybe this will help Apple’s new iPhone stand out.

The leakers also said that the test units they have interacted with have the fingerprint reader embedded underneath the display but they note that “performance and yield rates were not good”. They went ahead to say that there are no versions with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader.

Other security features reported include facial recognition and retina scanner.

The iPhone X is said to have 3GB of RAM, composite glass body instead if aluminum, wireless charging capabilities, water resistance and a lightning port – dismissing claims that Apple would use a USB-C port instead.

Despite these leaks matching previous leaks from various sources, it is safe to say that it is too early to know how exactly the iPhone X will look like, what it will be called and which features it’ll pack, so take all this with a pinch of salt.

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