WhatsApp Adds Photo Filters And Automatic Albums On iOS

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WhatsApp adds iterative updates on its apps on a weekly basis and the latest ones that have been pushed to its iOS app are quite interesting.

Yesterday, WhatsApp added new features for their iOS app which include automatic albumsphoto filters and quick replies to messages.

People use WhatsApp to share media like photos and videos to their friends or family and usually, they send multiple content at a go. Currently, the limit is 30 photos and it can be a mess on the recipient side when it comes to labelling photos with a particular theme.

That is why WhatsApp has added automatic albums so that you will be able to send multiple videos or images at ago, which will be grouped into a single album. This is better than the previous system where you receive a continuous stream of content and looks better aesthetically.

Whatsapp photo albums and filters for iOS
Via Verge

Photo filters have become standard on social media apps or smartphone camera apps. You can see them on the official Facebook app, Instagram and even on Twitter.

Now WhatsApp has added this basic feature on the iOS app. You will be able to add a filter from a choice of five on the photos, videos or GIFs you would like to share. The filters that are currently available include B&W, Pop, Chrome and Film.

The last feature is targeted towards messages where now you can swipe right on a specific message while you are chatting so as to directly respond to it, which is a faster way of replying to someone while in a group chat, for example.

Check out the new update on WhatsApp for iOS and for the Android users, it seems they have to wait for it to be pushed as an update.

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