Qatari-Based Media Agency Al Jazeera Hit by Continual Hacking Attempts

Aj Jazeera

A few weeks ago, there was a cyber attack on Qatar News Agency (QNA), Qatar’s national broadcaster, that left the country in trouble after the hackers posted a fake news report that triggered a diplomatic incident where neighboring countries cut off diplomatic ties to Qatar and Al Jazeera itself prohibited from broadcasting in some countries, and also lead to the loss of a massive amount of data.

A report that was released following the attack on Qatar News Agency (QNA), indicates that the hacking operation used high technology and innovative methods by exploiting a cyber-bug in the QNA’s website. The investigating team confirmed that the hacking file were installed in April, which was later exploited to disseminate the fabricated news on 24 May 2017

It seems like the woes following Qatar are not yet over, as the website and digital platforms (including Facebook and Twitter) of the Qatari-owned media agency, Al Jazeera have been undergoing “systematic and continual hacking attempts.”

According to a statement released by Aj Jazeera, these attempts are gaining intensity and taking various forms. However, the mdeia agency claims that the platforms have not been compromised.

No further information has been released concerning the nature of attack or what measures the agency is taking to fend off the attacks.

VIAAl Jazeera
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