Kenya’s Interior Ministry Now Sends Out Security Alerts via Telegram

telegram channel ministry of interior kenya

One of the core features of Telegram Messenger is letting people create Channels which they can use to broadcast content to people that are subscribed to it. You can share content that can be viewed and downloaded by people that are subscribed to and it is one of the best things about Telegram.

Telegram Messenger has gained prominence in Kenya overtime as people as an alternative to the uber popular WhatsApp or for other purposes such as getting information from certain Telegram channels that offer security reports or traffic reports.

The Kenyan government being digital forward has embraced social media by opening several verified accounts for institutions and key persons alike which is very evident in networks like Twitter. They’ve also embraced Telegram where we saw the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) created a Telegram channel to inform the public on what the President is doing.

Now we have another government institution that has opened a Telegram channel and it is the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of the National Government. They opened the Telegram channel yesterday and it already has over 200 members.

One of the core mandates about the Ministry is about the security of the nation and that is what they’re trying to achieve with their  Telegram channel. They’ve named it Internal Security Alerts and so far, they’ve posted 7 updates on their channel, which includes photos of the Cabinet Secretary and remarks made by him.

It is commendable that the government is using social media to deliver news to their citizens and such actions should be the norm in this age.


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