LG Announces The Beefed Up LG G6 Plus And Three New Software Features For The G6

If you've been holding off to get a G6, now you can get the G6+

lg g6 plus

LG announced their flagship phone for the year, the G6 early this year which was a change from their modular phone, the G5. This time round, they went back to the proven formula of a normal touchscreen phone although with a few changes like a taller screen, sealed battery and weather sealing.

Today, they’ve decided to announce a “souped up” version of their current G6 which they have called it the G6+.

The G6+ does not look fundamentally different from the G6. However the major changes are on the inside. The G6+ has 128GB of internal storage which is way more than the standard G6 which as 32GB of storage. It also features the premium audio experience LG has been pushing with their phones lately with a 32 bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC and B&O PLAY earphones to take advantage of the audio hardware. It could be the same DAC that is shipped with the V20 and a variant of the LG G6. They will also add wireless charging in some countries and will ship with new colours which they call “optical marine blue” and “optical terra gold.”

LG also took the change to announce new features that will come to the LG G6.

  • Faceprint will allow LG G6 users to unlock their phone by simply holding the phone up to their faces. Apparently it is an enhanced security option developed by them that is more convenient than the existing facial recognition technology.
  • Low Power Consumption: LG is taking advantage of the Qualcomm Hexagon DSP architecture in the Snapdragon 821 SoC the phone ships with. The All-Ways Aware hub takes advantage of Google’s Contextual Hub Runtime Environment to sense and collect data from sensors and wireless connections while using very little battery power.
  • Covered Lens will warn users by a notification on the display if there is a finger (or fingers) that are in the shot before the shutter is activated. This is crucial when you’re using the G6’s camera with a large field of view so that you don’t have photos with your fingers sticking out.
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