Google Hid A Fidget Spinner Within Search


Google is one company that likes incorporating pop culture elements into their assets and one of the assets they like displaying such content is Search. This time round, they have added a recent obsession with people around the world: A virtual fidget spinner.

If you don’t know what fidget spinners are, they are toys with a three pronged design which from the marketing around it, can help people who have trouble focusing. You tend to see people spinning the toys on their thumbs for example and they have become an odd hit on retailers and with people alike.

Interesting enough, Google decided to hide a virtual fidget spinner within Search. To invoke it, just type “spinner” on the text box and you will be greeted with a virtual fidget spinner that is against a green background.

fidget spinner

To spin it, all you have to do is just tap “SPIN” at the bottom of the card and it will spin for around 45 seconds (yes I measured.) You can do this to your hearts content and it seems like it doesn’t have a restriction yet.

However, if you get bored with the fidget spinner, you can tap on the toggle at the top to launch a virtual spinning wheel that you see being used in game shows. You can change the size of the wheel using the drop down menu on the top left and then hit the spin button at the bottom.

Google is out to waste your time like the time they added Pacman on Google Maps and they will surely succeed by banking on the fidget spinner craze.