Privacy-Focused Firefox Focus Browser Is Live In Google Play Store


Sometime in 2016, Mozilla introduced Firefox Focus for iOS users. The browser, which has elevated security features is now live in the Play Store for Android users. I have tested it for the past thirty minutes and I must admit I’m impressed by one thing: speed.

To begin with, there is very little you can do with the browser in terms of functionality. You cannot open more than one tab (bummer), nor can you add any of your accounts. All you get is a single window with a search/URL browser. To stay true to its name, Focus blocks ads and trackers by default which is probably why it loads pages at admirable speeds. Of course there are websites that are inaccessible when ad-blockers are enabled and the good news is that you can disable the feature in settings.

Focus uses Yahoo search as a default search engine (I know…) but that can easily be changed in settings. There is also a floating button that trashes your web history with a single click. In like manner, you can erase history from the notification menu. What’s more, you cannot take screenshots but that can also be changed as well.

I will give Focus a spin in the coming days and see how it performs. Still, speeds are encouragingly appealing.


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