The Following 5 Apps Are Free On Google Play Store for The Time Being


I like combing through Google Play Store to find any app deal once in a while, although, admittedly, the app-hunting spirit has waned over time because I have boxed myself in a world where my smartphone use is limited to select must-have apps. Some of these apps come with a price tag, but developers are good people because they occasionally slash those prices. In fact, there are times (especially on Sundays and Christmas Day) when they are in a very good mood, so they get rid of charges on paid apps altogether, albeit temporarily. Today happens to be one of those special days, and here are five apps that you can grab from the Store before they change their mind.

  1. Belly Fix – 12 Days

This is a fitness app that promises to get your stomach flat. If you religiously follow its workout guidelines, the app will help you get in shape in the shortest time possible, say 12 days. Ambitious.

While we do not trust app ratings so much, Belly fix has an impressive 4.2 rating out of 113 reviews. It also has very few installs that fall between 100 – 500.

Normal cost: KES 200

  1. Low-Light Camera 

It goes without saying that low-light photography is a challenge for all smartphones. The app’s edge is capturing burst shots and combining them to produce a cleaner photo that has more details with less noise. The app also needs devices that have support for camera2 API.

Normal cost: KES 200

  1. Silent Mode PRO (Camera Mute) 

As its name suggest, this app is meant to help silence our smart handhelds with one click. It also solves issues with camera sounds that cannot be turned off when when a phone is on Silent or DND Mode. Furthermore, the app has a bunch of settings, including hiding notifications, widget support and individual app to mute, among other features.

Normal cost: KES 200

  1. Notification In Bubble Pro 

This works in the same fashion as Facebook Messenger’s chatheads. Ideally, the app bundles your notifications on a tiny bubble with a notification counter. You can reply to texts upon expanding the bubble, dismiss notifications or even mute them. The only problem that I have with bubbles is their persistent presence on the screen that can be an eyesore for some.

Normal Price: KES 200

  1. Mellow Dark UI

The beauty of Android is that you customize it in any way that matches your tastes. Customization is augmented by launchers and icon packs such as Mellow Dark that compliments your phone’s personality. I have the icon pack on my device right now (on top on Nova Launcher) and I actually like.

Normal Price: KES 200

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