Instagram Will Use Machine Learning To Block Offensive Or Inappropriate Content

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instagram blocks offensive content

The Internet might be a wonderful place to get information but some people usually post offensive or inappropriate comments with their true accounts or dummy ones.

This outright trolling behaviour has led social networks to release tools that can be used by users to filter out such content on their posts. Instagram is serious about this matter and that is why they decided to release tools yesterday to help you block offensive comments and filter out spam.

According to Instagram, users have sent feedback to them about how toxic comments discourage them from enjoying the service. This led to the company coming up with a tool that will filter out offensive comments on posts and in live video.

To access this feature, go to the options menu (has three horizontal dotted lines), head over to comments and turn on the feature. The filter will be available in English first and other languages will be added over time.

Instagram will also use machine learning to reduce spam in comments. There is a team in Instagram that has trained their AI systems to recognize certain types of offensive or spammy comments so that you never have to see them. The spam filter will remove spam written in English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French and Chinese.

Instagam has now improved on their current system of letting you turn off your comments if you don’t want feedback on your post and joins the likes of YouTube, which has a tool to allow you moderate your comments section.

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