YouTube Rolls Out New Comment Features And A Tool That Handles Inappropriate Comments



The comment section on YouTube videos are one of the most vibrant communities you can see on the web. It is not perfect as some people find a way of messing them up by trolling people or the video on the comments. However, YouTube is not giving up on the comment section as they have announced three new features that will sure make them better.

First we have pinned comments.  YouTube creators will be able to pin specific comments on top of the feed for the purpose of showing engagement with the audience or to share information about a particular thing.

The other feature is creator hearts where the creator will be able to show their appreciation towards a certain comment by giving a ‘heart.’ This seems akin to Twitter’s ‘Like’ button and Facebook’s Like button and the aim is to acknowledge the top comments made by your audience.

Creator usernames is the other new feature announced by YouTube where your username will appear with a pop of colour when you make a comment. The purpose of this is to make sure that viewers are able to quickly identify you on the comment stream and if you are verified, the checkmark will appear beside the username.

There is also a beta feature that YouTube announced too: Holding potentially inappropriate comments for review. “If you choose to opt-in, comments identified by our algorithm will be held and you have the final decision whether to approve, hide or report these comments,” YouTube said on the post. They acknowledge that the algorithms might fail from time to time and by your actions of manually reviewing the comments, it will take that feedback to account.

Other features that were announced earlier on include choosing moderators where creators delegate moderation duties to trusted individuals and blacklisting words and phrases.

These changes will definitely make the comment section on YouTube a bit better while still maintaining their legendary status of being a source of entertainment for all.

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