Instagram Lets You Turn Off Comments Or Like Someone’s Comment

This is a good iterative update


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The comment section is among the center piece features of any social media network and it is the place where people come to air their opinions. However thanks to the incorrigible nature of humans on the Internet, it can be a playground for abuse and that is a big problem for these companies.

There are possible solutions to this which have been employed by the various companies to their networks in a bid to curb abuse. It was reported way back in August that Instagram will soon allow people to filter the comments they receive on their posts and that feature was officially announced.

In this update, Instagram will give you the ability to turn of comments to your posts. This will be great if you only wanted the post to stand as it is and can be beneficial to those users who get a lot of comments on a posts. You will find the “turn off commenting” setting on the “Advance settings” which appears as a toggle.

That is not all. Instagram will also allow its users to like comments where you will only need to tap on the heart icon next to the comment. This falls in line with what Facebook has with the like buttons that are embedded on every comment.

Also, Instagram will allow users with private accounts to remove followers easily. Previously, there was no way to remove followers (other than blocking) when you approve them. Well, now you will only need to go to your list of followers and tapping the menu next to the person’s name.

Lastly, Instagram has baked in support to allow people to anonymously report people who look like they are thinking about injuring themselves. Apparently Instagram has teams working 24/7 to review this reports who will then connect these people to organizations that may help them.

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